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    Software Engineering

    We help you deliver effective, high-quality software, predictably, using modern software development processes, practices and tools.  Our engineering-led approach means that our software is well-built and forms a solid, sustainable base for the success of your business.
    Software Engineering

    Business challenge

    Software development is inherently difficult, illustrated by the many projects that fail or run into serious trouble. The invisibility and flexibility of software means that it is easy to ignore or miss problems as they emerge, and the close integration of enterprise software into business processes means that it is often used and repurposed in unexpected ways. These factors, coupled with the constant market pressure to produce software quickly and cheaply, often result in complex, badly understood software systems, which fail to deliver on their promises.

    We help you make a difference

    By having a wide capability in software engineering, we can choose the right methods, technologies and tools to ensure that our delivery approach matches your business needs, whether that be a totally agile approach, maximising flexibility and collaboration, or a planned-iterative approach where a client needs more planning and has less ability to be involved in the development process.

    Whatever approach we take, we focus on delivery, predictability and transparency, so enabling us to be your business enabler for change, innovation and transformation, providing cost effective software development that enables you to meet the challenges of your marketplace.


    Our Approach

    We take an engineering-led approach to software development, stressing the need for well-defined methods, modern languages and technologies, powerful tools and above all, an analytical and fact-based approach to software development.

    Through our international, engineering-oriented culture, we hire and develop strong software engineers and nurture an engineering ethos in all of our delivery activities.

    Our TEAM and TEAS methods (our agile method and scaling frameworks) provide us with a flexible, proven approach for running large software projects and our innovative nature means that we constantly experiment with the latest tools and techniques, allowing us to select technologies with the right balance between innovation and predictability for your environment and business problems.


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