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    Continuous Delivery


    We help you rapidly respond to marketplace disruption by aligning your teams with common goals and smoothing the path-to-production for your software.
    Continuous Delivery

    Business challenge

    Constant and rapid change across all industries require businesses to accelerate software delivery, while also improving the quality of their releases and the speed with which they can be implemented. While large companies have a legacy of success they also have a legacy of complex processes and, along with fast-moving competitors and disruptive new entrants, this can challenge businesses to keep up with changes and challenges in their markets.

    We help you make a difference

    Having a delivery-oriented mind-set and acting as a strategy and implementation partner rather than an advisor, we combine software development and business focus, ensuring faster, better, streamlined releases, across all geographies.

    Through a shared company culture, we encourage collaboration across all the teams involved in product delivery, allowing them to experience the benefits first-hand, which leads to a smoother adoption process throughout the organisation.

    We are committed to setting a high standard in CD and DevOps and, drawing from our project experience and community involvement, we have established a strong internal delivery practice that includes people who are responsible for the tools, processes and practices we use from across our discipline, ensuring excellence in continuous delivery and driving innovation in building our capabilities.


    Our Approach

    We take an incremental approach to projects, allowing us to plan, adapt and deliver solutions that increase your responsiveness to the market, mitigate risks and achieve continuous development to allow you to meet your customers needs and expectations.

    Our engineers use a broad range of technologies from Chef, Puppet or Ansible to Salt Stack, Octopus Deploy to UrbanCode, Elastic Search, Logstash and Kibana to Splunk, NuGet to Nexus and Docker and Karaf to Vagrant as well as plain old scripting when needed. ?This affords us the knowledge to select and apply the best technologies to achieve your goals, as well as the ability to quickly scale our efforts to support the full application lifecycle.

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    Improving business agility through a combination of Cloud and CD & DevOps services

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