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    Telecommunications, Media and Technology

    Telecommunications, Media and Technology



    The Telco, Media and Technology (TMT) industries are in an extended phase of rapid significant change. Digital content is being created and consumed using ever more innovative, low cost technologies controlled by the user. As disruptors enter this mutating market, technology is becoming a driving force with the potential to enable new forms of consumption, and new revenue streams. Established businesses are in danger of being disintermediated, and strategies including consolidation and convergence are driving further change into this increasingly digital economy.

    These sectors, while retaining significant points of difference, are becoming increasingly linked through market forces and the need to innovate. Endava’s experience of these industries, linked with our technical capability and drive for innovation, allows us to become true business partners and help release the value that TMT businesses must deliver their customers in this changing world.


    Our relationship with Endava has allowed us to build and integrate technology across all of our digital platforms that would be difficult to do on our own. The launch of Inews.co.uk is another great example of how we've combined our internal expertise with the development power of Endava to build modern, multi-platform products.

    Chief Digital and Product Officer, Johnston Press



    In order to address changing customer expectations, Telcos need to fundamentally shape the structure of future services. We advise and support telcos in creating delightful digital experiences and generating new revenue streams through digital transformation and new innovation models.

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    Through our work with some of the world’s leading media agencies and publishing companies, we’ve learned how to positively impact companies in the Media Industry and define digital transformation strategies for them. Using this knowledge, we design solutions that overcome the current challenges and optimise the new opportunities.

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    Keeping up with new technologies is always a challenge, no matter the industry. By combining technical expertise with the demands of the industry, we help companies make the most of their opportunities and strengths.

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