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    Insurance and Healthcare

    Insurance and Healthcare


    Embracing Change Powered By Cross Domain Innovations

    Traditional models for Insurance and Healthcare industries are experiencing profound change driven by developments seen across other industries. Customers now expect the same simplified and intuitive user experience and service they receive from omni-channel retail shopping, secure payments and anywhere banking to also apply to the purchasing and fulfilment of insurance and healthcare services.

    In response, insurance and healthcare companies are having to re-define their digital and data strategies to meet these changing needs and provide new solutions. Mobile applications, connected devices and robotics all present opportunities to streamline the customer experience, hand in hand with the organisation’s data strategy. Alongside these capabilities, data analytics now plays a leading role in not only understanding customer needs but also in evaluating and assessing risk more accurately, giving real time insights, and is pivotal in managing business profitability. Through an environment that enables technical excellence and innovation, we apply our cross domain experience to deliver excellent outcomes across the whole insurance and healthcare value chain.


    We continue to learn from Endava, and within our team we have some exceptionally skilled individuals, who don't just augment the Denplan Team, they make us better every day!”

    Senior Agile Delivery Manager, Simplyhealth Professionals



    Having both the industry expertise and the technical knowledge, we focus on developing and delivering the most effective solutions that truly engage your customers and drive in-depth insight into risk profiling and customer behaviour.

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    By understanding the ever changing needs of your customers within the healthcare ecosystem we help you deliver the change, enhance the ability to stay compliant and be at the forefront of market trends, providing payers, providers and patients with effective and secure healthcare systems and platforms.

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